HOW Social Media is Helping Us “Dream Big”

19 10 2009

Last week, the United States Chamber of Commerce launched a multi-million dollar campaign to create 20 million new jobs in the next decade. The “Free Enterprise America” campaign comes at a time of darkness for many American people, as 7 million jobs have been lost to the recession and experts project that an additional 13 million are needed to stabilize the economy, according to Mike Allen’s recent post on Politico.

This campaign is spending millions of U.S. dollars to create an interactive platform focusing on grass-roots groups and young people. Brian Gunderson, the hired leader of the campaign, knows exactly where to reach these groups– online. This powerful advertisement has been circulating YouTube channels as well as featured on the campaign’s website home page.

The site also features numerous video clips in which individual citizens share their business experiences and invitations for the reader to post a video and share theirs, too. I’m impressed with this feature because it perfectly accommodates the need that the American public has expressed: a need for interactivity.

The impressive combination of mainstream and new social media has already attracted over 18,000 people to officially join the movement on the website. But what does that mean? A recent article by Mary Bottari on expresses concern that a glitzy social media campaign is not the right step towards opening up jobs, and I think it’s a concern to throw right back to Brian Gunderson. While an improving economy will definitely require the aid of business owners and local organizations to reach out and connect with young people and others alike, many are worried that it is a job the federal government alone can accelerate. How about that for free enterprise…



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20 10 2009
Caroline Blanzaco

Releasing a video on a topic that affects all of America online is a brilliant way to spread word about this campaign. Already pulling 18,000 people to their site to pledge their efforts toward the campaign is impressive enough. Word of mouth will help this video circulate further and reach even more people which will be a cheaper and harbor way more reach than typical TV ads made by the government. I’ll be interested to see how far the campaign will go with online efforts alone.

23 10 2009
Amy English

20 million jobs… I like the sound of that. Targeting recent college graduates for these jobs sounds good to me too. Brian Gunderson is smart to use online tools to reach this young audience. I like how the campaign’s website makes it easy to follow and receive updates via an RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. They are successfully reaching out to their online audience in many locations, therefore making interaction possible and easy. I like the interactivity of the “job challenge map” too. It’s a visual aid that shows how many projected jobs will be offered in each state according to the “Free Enterprise America” campaign.

25 10 2009
Ashley Siegle

I think the job market is of serious concern to millions of people, especially us, who are nearing college graduation. I am almost relieved that government is addressing this issue and in such an effective way. Over the next decade, social media is going to evolve significantly, and job recruitment face-to-face could possibly be the thing of the past. Obviously its approaches via social media has already proved SO effective, with 18,000 followers to date. It really gives meaning and hope to a worrisome cause, and I’m happy to hear the government is taking such a proactive and timely approach.

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